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Are you ready to Improve your English, Confidence & Creativity
Game: Superhero You!
1 Player / Difficulty level: Easy / Total time: 30 - 40 Minutes / Materials : Any paper and pen/pencil

Description: Who can save this world? You can save YOU.

Step 1 Problems: Sit comfortably, Make a list of all the problems in the world.

Step 2 But who? Now, start thinking like you are a SUPERHERO. It can be anyone (Spiderman, Superman, Abdul Kalam, Gandhiji! What kind of person can solve these problems? Someone who is- Kind? Strong? Fearless? You can write these down or not. But spend time thinking!!!

Step 3 You: Move from your thoughts to the paper. Now start imagining you are this person that can solve all the problems. Like a hero, a SUPERHERO. You can do it, it's simple- close your eyes and imagine.

Step 4 Breathing : Stay in these thoughts, and just breathe. Think about- what would you do? How would you do it? Do you have magical powers? Can you fly? Can you break walls? Can you help children?

Step 5 Make it real : Gently open your eyes, and start drawing all these things that you saw. Make shapes, colours, write words. Imagine that with each drawing you are adding more power to the Superhero You!

Step 6 Reflect: What type of superhero are YOU? Tell us, we want to hear from you. Send us an audio recording or your writing or your drawing to Venky @ 9845038019 with your Name, Course & VPID, We believe YOU can save Our World.

We will publish your SUPERHERO Story to all our donors , students & volunteers group to make you a CELEBRITY , may be a donor might also be willing to support your SuperHero idea